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The root causes of nursing burnout are varied – as are potential solutions for it.

However, given that nurses are frequently responsible for clinical documentation, it's perhaps not surprising that reducing documentation burden is frequently cited as a key strategy for fighting burnout.

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According to a recent Harvard report, physician burnout is “a public health crisis that urgently demands action.”

Half of all doctors report troubling symptoms: depression, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and a sense of failure. These physicians are twice as likely to commit a serious medical error, research finds. Experts predict that if left unaddressed, burnout will further erode the mental health of doctors and radically undermine patient care.

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The pandemic posed a Herculean challenge for the women-dominated healthcare industry, which is the largest single employment sector in America. Thousands of healthcare workers died. And still more carry immense psychological wounds in an industry where a third of workers say burnout is driving them out.

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