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Vital Resiliency™ is a Vital Options International® Platform and Resiliency Training Initiative for the purpose of:

  • Providing Hospitals, Integrated Health Networks and other Health Related Institutions with a comprehensive Secondary Trauma Risk Analysis, a proven and time-tested results-based resiliency training curriculum and a digital health platform for ongoing support and advanced resiliency training to Healthcare Professionals at all levels.


  • Providing Healthcare and Human Service Professionals a Comprehensive Resiliency Training Program which enables them to identify and better manage the stress and secondary trauma associated with patient and human care.


  • Providing Advanced Medical, Nursing and Other Care Provider Students the Resiliency Training and on-going support desperately needed and required to be flexible and adaptive in response to challenges. Advanced Medical students who are transitioning from medical studies to clinical practice face a variety of workplace demands that can lead to negative learning experiences, stress, burnout and poor quality of life.


The Vital Resiliency Private Online Community is exclusive only to:


  • Healthcare and Human Services Professionals who have completed or are interested in the VitalHearts Resiliency Training

  • Professionals who are Certified Trainers in the VitalHearts Training Methodology and Curriculum

  • Advanced Medical, Nursing and Other Patient Care Students who are interested in learning more about Resiliency Training 

Our VR+ community is Private, Secure, Safe and Advertising Free. 

Admission to the Vital Resiliency Community is by Invitation Only and designed to provide some of the following benefits to our members:


  • Additional and/or Advanced Resiliency Training

  • Peer Support with other community members

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) to Healthcare Professionals at all levels and across all therapeutic categories

  • Private 1:1 online conversations between members

  • Group conversations between members

  • Periodic on-line meet-ups with guest speakers of interest


  • Exclusive offers on value-added products and services from our Partners and Supporters

  • Downloadable Patient Education for Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals

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