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Our Team

David S. Duplay, Chairman and CEO

Over Dave’s 30 year healthcare career, he has led and advised several enterprise–wide transformation initiatives focused on enabling the company’s business model to adapt to changing healthcare market conditions and disruptive market forces. His years of working with global pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, research organizations and patient groups have provided Dave with a unique perspective that allows him to harmoniously blend all aspects of the healthcare delivery continuum. He has been recognized for his ability to raise visibility and bring new technology to the forefront while always maintaining a strong focus on Patients and Caregivers.  This combined with his successful background in sales and marketing has resulted in some of the most highly recognized, award-winning deliverables in the healthcare industry today.


Dave Hassrick - Chief Sustainability Officer

Dave Hassrick is an environmental consultant who has been providing environmental liability analysis for corporations across North America. Dave’s primary practice area has focused on re-positioning of environmentally impaired real estate and working with global companies to improve their environmental footprint for long-term growth and sustainability.

Joe Keenan - Chief Technology Officer

Joe Keenan is a creative leader, experienced executive, and consultant in digital media development, digital training, and technology integration. His unique set of skills and experience helps clients explore, adopt, and adapt new digital technologies and business models to create value.

Joe advocates for digital inclusion for home broadband access, public broadband access, and community training programs for the use of personal devices and technology.

Joe’s 20 years of digital experience includes 12 years as Digital Lead at a national nonprofit organization and 8 years as an independent digital leader and producer focused on nonprofit organizations.

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