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Our Vital Resiliency solution is designed to identify and address the underlying way Healthcare and Human Services Professionals at all levels process and contain all the stress they encounter in their work. Our Digital Health Toolset, Private On-line Community and the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training allows these Professionals to create lasting resiliency in the face of unremitting stress and secondary trauma.  




Our integrated solution is comprised of three highly customizable phases and implemented with our quality focused Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 


PHASE 1: Our Risk Analysis/Assessment and Resiliency Training Roadmap is designed specifically for your organization and used to identify the departments or therapeutic areas with the most significant risk profile of stress and burnout.


The risk analysis/assessment is a critical input to the resiliency training roadmap and our training strategy. 

PHASE 2: Resiliency Training and Certification of Healthcare and Human Service Professionals at all levels.


Our Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training is a comprehensive, 10-Unit training. The curriculum is emotionally rich and highly experiential. Our training is available in person or online. 


Specific objectives within the training include: 

  • Reduction in the number of secondary trauma stress reactions and symptoms

  • Gaining new skills to best process and contain all the secondary trauma Healthcare Professionals are expose to through their work

  • Improved job satisfaction and invigorated sense of mission

  • Retention gain - reduction in the reported likelihood of departing the profession

  • Increased self-caretaking behavior

We firmly believe that more resilient Healthcare and Human Services Professionals lead to more effective treatment for Patients in every category of care.

In our training, participants learn:

  • To determine how resilient one can be

  • The difference between empathy and compassion

  • The letting go of attachment to the outcome of their work

  • To craft one's own salf-care plan

  • The letting go of over-identification of their role

  • How to get the maximum self-esteem out of the work

  • The need to be personally resilient regardless of one's workplace

  • Normalizing and de-shaming secondary traumatic stress reactions

  • To find greater job satisfaction

  • To protect against the armoring of the heart

  • How to use your work as a vehicle to work on yourself

PHASE 3: Ongoing Support and On-line Community with our Private, Safe, Secure and Advertising Free platform. Our desktop and mobile app will keep you connected to your peers, colleagues and certified trainers in addition to giving you the ability to:

  • Connect with others in our on-line community and sub-groups 1 to 1 for private chats and 1 to many for group chats

  • Participate in advanced or ongoing resiliency training

  • Participate in Continuing Medical Education (CME) across all therapeutic areas

  • Download Patient Education / Information

  • Upload to share or download photos, educational videos, infographics and links to medically relevant articles

  • Participate in industry or academic research

  • Take advantage of discounted products and services made only available to our network



Our 3 phase approach has been proven to not only save careers, but also contribute to:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes - The true measure of our success is the outcomes of your patients

  • Improved Recruiting of Healthcare Professionals especially in competitive markets

  • Improved Job Satisfaction and a healthier work environment​​


  • Improved Financial Bottom Line through reduced turn-over

For more information, please reach out to us so one of our Certified Professionals can work with you and your organization to determine the training and delivery method that's right for you.

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