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Focused on Generating Health Conversations, Advocacy, and Financial Support Needs of Patients Worldwide.

From a culmination of over 30 years as an innovative leader in patient advocacy, our expanded mission includes direct support of patients, their caregivers, and families across all chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Vital Conversations

Video interviews and discussions that provide an in-depth look and insightful exchange on the leading health topics.

Vital Grants

The grant program will assist those facing a significant financial hardship due to the diagnosis of a chronic condition such as cancer, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s Disease.

Advocacy In Action

A video series at the forefront of fighting for access to vital treatments and accelerating innovation so the right patient gets the right treatment … today.

Our Inspiration: Selma Schimmel

The Selma Schimmel Grant is a financial support program focused on helping patients and families who are enduring financial hardship while battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Selma Schimmel Grant

More information and application for the Selma Schimmel Grant program

Recent Stories

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Yoga and Diabetes: Interview with Rachel Zinman

Dave and Courtland sit down with Rachel Zinman, an expert yoga instructor and an award-winning musician, writer, and amateur filmmaker. Rachel's blog and articles on yoga and diabetes have been featured in many major online and print publications. In addition, Rachel...

Ken Dashow on Afib

Dave and Courtland sit down with Ken Dashow, a New York radio institution that thousands listen to every afternoon on iHeartMedia New York's Q104.3. In addition to his encounters with some of the world's most famous rock stars, Ken talks about a campaign that is close...

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