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Accelerating Innovation: Living Longer and Stronger

Our expert panel and patient contributors discussed accelerating innovation in cancer medicines, expedited approvals, breaking down barriers to accessing new cancer medicines, and more.

Right Patient. Right Treatment. Right Now!

Our panel of patients and experts discussed removing barriers to access, low reimbursement for cancer therapies, lower reimbursement rates for oral therapies, delayed access to new treatments, and more.

New Video Series

Two new, insightful videos on What is Anorexia – Weight Loss During Cancer Treatment and Unintended Weight Loss in Advanced Cancer.

Featured Programs

Advocacy in Action

Our Advocacy in Action video series is at the forefront of fighting for access to vital treatments and accelerating innovation so the right patient gets the right treatment ... today. We capture our events live at conferences around the world bringing policy makers, patients, caregivers, advocates and healthcare professionals to the conversation and creating decisive calls to action.

Vital Conversations

Vital Conversations is our collection of interviews and discussions that provide an in-depth look and insightful exchange on the leading cancer topics. We’re not just talking here -- we are getting to the heart of the individual, the core of the cancer issue and the most vital information that people need to know.

Living With Cancer

No patient’s life is ever the same after a cancer diagnosis. That’s why our series focuses on more than dealing with cancer – these are the remarkable treatment and survivorship stories of the brave and inspiring men and women who are showing all of us how they are focused, determined … and living with cancer.

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