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Bringing to light the critical issues and realities of cancer, from the perspective of the survivor, medical professional and co-survivor.

Featured Programs

Advocacy in Action®

Our Advocacy in Action video series presents the most vibrant discussions from panels of patients, advocates and health care professionals – captured live from key cancer conferences all around the world. These thoughtful symposiums confront and explore oncology’s complicated questions, emerging trends and inspiring solutions in a dynamic format that engages viewers.

Vital Conversations

Vital Conversations is our collection of interviews and discussions that provide an in-depth look and insightful exchange on the leading cancer topics. We’re not just talking here -- we are getting to the heart of the individual, the core of the cancer issue and the most vital information that people need to know.

Living With Cancer

No patient’s life is ever the same after a cancer diagnosis. That’s why our series focuses on more than dealing with cancer – these are the remarkable treatment and survivorship stories of the brave and inspiring men and women who are showing all of us how they are focused, determined … and living with cancer.


Precision Medicine in Cancer Care

Leading oncologists at the 2014 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) discuss the theme of the conference: precision medicine; what it means in the treatment of cancer and its promise in potentially unlocking the door to significant advances across cancer types.

Innovations in Multiple Myeloma

As the second most commonly diagnosed blood cancer, multiple myeloma is now often deemed chronic and few people know much about it. What do patients need to know about their treatment options? What about psychosocial care? Or the rising costs of these innovative treatments? Patients, professionals and advocates have a refreshingly candid and most timely discussion.

Young Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

What words come to mind when you hear "metastatic breast cancer"? What are some of the most common misconceptions about metastatic breast cancer in young women? Where does the young woman with metastatic breast cancer fit into the overall breast cancer community? Young women living with metastatic breast cancer, and women fighting on behalf of those women, come together for an all-too-real and incredibly candid discussion to explore the reality behind the lives of young women living with advanced disease.

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