I'll Pay It Forward


I’ll Pay It Forward is an easy way to make a difference in the life of someone fighting a Terminal, Chronic or Rare Disease and their family.

At Any Point In Your Life, Have You…

  • Needed assistance or a helping hand in some way?

  • Received assistance from a community member, organization or an anonymous person?

  • Said to yourself:  “I’ll Pay It Forward”

I’ll Pay It Forward – Why Now?


With the global pandemic of COVID-19 upon us, many members of our

community are experiencing:

  • Loss of income and insurance coverage leading to unrecoverable financial devastation

  • Postponed or cancelled hospital/medical treatments

  • Raised anxiety, stress levels and isolation leading to increased depression and suicide

  • Nutritional neglect from the lack of food

Support Provided Via The Selma Schimmel Vital Grant Program

The magnitude of requested support from Patients with a terminal, chronic or rare disease in the United States has been extraordinary: 

  • Over 550 financial support requests are received weekly from patients in the United States at Vital Options International

  • 68% of the financial support requests received are from patients who are unemployed, uninsured and living below the poverty level

  • 85% of the assistance requests from Patients are for groceries to feed their families

  • Support requests have increased 49% due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States alone


All Donations Made to I’ll Pay It Forward will go to fund the Selma Schimmel Grant Progam.

This assistance grant program is presented to qualified Patients who are enduring a financial hardship as they battle a terminal, chronic or rare disease.

Named after our Vital Options International Founder and Lifetime Patient Advocate Selma Schimmel.

Please donate to I’ll Pay It Forward and help us make a difference in the lives of Patients and their families.

Life is funny sometimes but right now I have two priorities.  First, I have to get better and second, I have to pay it forward.  I can’t thank you enough for the grant.



Breast Cancer


I had no where to turn when I was diagnosed.  No income, no insurance, no hope.  Thank you for saving my lfe and giving me the hope to fight on.  When I get well, I will pay it forward. 



Metastatic Breast Cancer