Today, we remember.

Today, we celebrate the magnificent life and work of Selma Schimmel, Founder of Vital Options International. As many of you know, Selma courageously fought breast cancer at the young age of 28 and after making her recovery, she continued to fight and give a voice to the many patients battling cancer. She brought the conversation into the light through her groundbreaking radio show, The Group Room, and thereafter through her international programs, Choix Vital in Paris, Vital Conversations as well as Advocacy In Action.


Today, on Selma’s birthday, we could choose to pack away our memories of her, but instead we choose to celebrate and light yet another birthday candle in her honor. Selma’s important work will continue on through VOI, and her memory will continue to shine on in the hearts and minds of everyone she touched.

To ensure that Selma’s mission continues to march on, VOI has partnered with healtheo360, an online caring community for patients and caregivers living with chronic illness. We invite you to visit Selma’s remembrance page on healtheo360.

We are honored that we are able to celebrate Selma with all of our friends, family, and supporters around the world today and deeply pleased to share with everyone that the vision of Selma will live on. Please show your support by lighting a birthday candle in honor of Selma and sharing it on VOI’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

With love,
The Board of Directors of Vital Options International