Advocacy In Action

Advocacy in Action (AIA) is Vital Options International’s signature platform for bringing together a cross-section of cancer advocates, patients, and healthcare professionals in settings across the globe to address key issues in cancer and the sobering realities of those facing, fighting, and surviving cancer. VOI captures AIA panel discussions on video by topic to enable continuing conversations on topics such as
  • the changing landscape and cost of cancer care
  • patient decision-making
  • whole care of the patient and choices valued by patients and their families
  • patient access to cancer research and life-saving treatment
  • the influence of technology on clinical practice and survivors’ lives

Today, We Remember Selma Schimmel on Her Birthday

9.16.15 | FILED UNDER Advocacy In Action, Living With Cancer, Selma Schimmel, Vital Conversations
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Today, we remember. Today, we celebrate the magnificent life and work of Selma Schimmel, Founder of Vital Options International. As many of you know, Selma courageously fought breast cancer at the young age of 28 and after making her recovery, she continued to fight and give a voice to theā€¦

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